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We design, develop and deploy safe, reliable, and efficient solutions that not only improve how you work but also provide the best fit now and into the future.

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What We Do

Custom IT, network, and security solutions tailored to the way you do business.

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Managed IT Services

From 24/7 server management and user help desk care to remote monitoring, management and recovery, reach out to discover how Encore can deliver a package custom-fit for your business.

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Enterprise-level Networking

From core and edge switches to wireless networks, firewalls, content filtering, and intrusion detection/prevention, Encore has you covered.

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Data Center Services

Whether you need to upgrade, move your footprint, or plan a strategy for data center management, we match the right technology to your business

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Encore delivers comprehensive support to design, analyze, and protect from threats and attacks.

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CloudVoice (Hosted VoIP)

Easily scaled as your organization grows, Encore’s VoIP phones offer a feature-rich, cost-effective alternative to legacy systems through predictable pricing and unmatched support.

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Classroom Solutions

From state of the art interactive panels, to projection and advanced integrated security, Encore makes teaching safer and more effective.

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Audio-Visual Systems

From a small huddle space to a large auditorium, Encore can help you utilize the power of Audio/Visual flawlessly with the help of our certified design team.

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Security Camera & Access Control Systems

Encore delivers IP camera video surveillance and integrated access control systems.

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Certified Copper & Fiber Cabling

Cabling solutions from planning and design to installation, moves, adds, ongoing maintenance and networking services.

And More

See which of our IT services are right for your organizational goals.

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Network Analytics: Work Smarter, Not Harder

If data is the lifeblood of the contemporary workplace, networks are the cardiovascular system, flowing information from central data centers to endpoints and back again. Monitoring the overall health of your network is critical, as its performance can have a large impact on your day-to-day operations, especially...
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Overcoming Greenville's Digital Deserts

Greenville County Schools Superintendent Dr. W. Burke Royster has publicly unveiled plans to deploy 42 solar-powered, long-range WiFi units throughout the county. Local decision-makers and media gathered at the MT Anderson Support Center for the event highlighting Project Connect, a free internet access initiative...

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Balancing IT Outsourcing & Insourcing

During my early days in the world of IT, the “computer guru” was always thought of as this oddly nerdy resource who kept everything running. No one really knew what they did or how they did it, but they were responsible for supporting everything from horribly unstable desktops and network devices...

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New Microsoft Teams Features

As many of us have shifted to working, learning, teaching, and socializing remotely over the past year, numerous video conferencing platforms have risen to the challenge of keeping us connected, but few have done quite as well...
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On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid?

It’s been a vitally important topic in IT for many years now; the cloud. What types of cloud-based services are best suited for your business? To what degree should you consume them? How can you navigate...

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“Oh No, Not Another Webinar!”

With work going remote and staying remote for many people even after the pandemic subsides, webinars have become the go-to tool for companies to share information, both internally and with outside partners. However, with the...
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What Our Clients Say

Scott Kiser

"The task I put in front of Encore was daunting to say the least, given my timeline. From the initial phone meeting, through installation, the team has been nothing short of incredible."

Donna Malloy

"They stand behind their products and services and have always been just a phone call away. Without hesitation, I would recommend them wholeheartedly."

Robye Morris

"Near-flawless execution at these 4 schools. Thanks for an awesome job and for making my life easier!"

Donna Malloy

"Extremely knowledgeable, very attentive and easy to work with. Very timely and offered great customer support. I would not hesitate to hire them again."

David Taylor

"Technology hardware, software, infrastructure, and services in a way that is far more economical than employing all of the necessary expertise within our organization."

Zach Lloyd

"Our experience with Encore is one where we feel valued as a client. I would fully recommend engaging Encore with your technology needs."

Lorrie Johnson

"On the conversion day, the network was down less than five minutes and no one even knew it had happened. That was four years ago and everything is still operating at optimum speed."

Trey Arrington

"Encore’s competitive pricing and top-notch customer service have helped SMC transition to more streamlined hardware, increased uptime and overall better customer satisfaction with our networking environment."