From specific infrastructure needs to decisions driven by funding and compliance, clients trust Encore to understand their industry demands and to deliver the right solutions for the way they do business. Our approach to providing best-in-class solutions is rooted in aligning the right team members with the specialized expertise needed on each project.

Our technology specialists have direct field experience in the industries we serve. We have years of experience on the front lines, and apply a practical and first-hand approach to the solutions we deliver. This industry-specific knowledge allows us to understand the challenges and needs surrounding technical capabilities and support requirements, as well as our clients’ budget cycles. We recommend not only the right integrated solutions, but the proper timing and prioritization.

For Encore, it doesn’t stop there. We seek to lead and transform the industries we support. We create solutions that drive meaningful change in digital transformation and smart technology adoption because we are truly passionate about what we do for the industries we serve. Check out the links below to learn more about how our custom solutions meet the needs of specific industry segments.



Enabling education technology by delivering access, security and automation in an integrated platform.

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