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Flexible and Always Available: The Encore Way

An extension of your team, Encore delivers services to complement your in-house staff and resources. A managed services provider with a passion for smart technology and a customer-focused approach, Encore is the proactive partner you need. From 24/7 server management and user help desk care to remote monitoring, management and recovery, reach out to discover how Encore can deliver a package custom-fit for your business.

As a Cisco partner, we also offer Meraki networking as a service (NaaS). Click here to learn more.

Encore’s Managed Services

  • Works with your IT staff to complement their skillsets
    • Let’s your IT staff focus on your strategic business needs/initiatives!
  • Allows you to choose which devices you want managed and to what degree
    • Simply choose the device type and choose from four levels of service!
  • Gives you access to all of our subject-matter experts
    • Route/Switch
    • DataCenter
    • SD-WAN
    • Network Security
    • Cloud
    • Virtualization
    • Storage
    • Disaster Recovery / HA
    • Business Continuity

Managed Services Tiers

Lite Services

Lite Services are intended to complement other services provided by Encore. Lite Services give customers access to the monitoring and alerting systems used to manage infrastructure not otherwise managed by Encore. Customers receive remote portal access to all devices covered by Lite Services. This access allows customers to monitor, alert, and remote-control IT infrastructure. Customers are hands-on with Lite Services and may request Encore’s support on a case-by-case basis. Incident response and support for devices covered by Lite Services will be invoiced separately to simplify tracking and may be eligible for discounted hourly rates.

Foundation Services

Foundation Services are the basis on which all other proactive Service Tiers are built. Foundation Services include the following reactive and proactive operations:

  • Performance Reporting– Automated monthly reporting to include statistics and counters tracked within monitoring and event management tools
  • Configuration Management– Asset and Services configuration tracking and documentation
  • Event Management– Monitoring and notification of fault conditions and performance threshold breaches
  • Tools and Ticketing– Portal access to tools and ticketing systems used to manage entitled devices
Premium Services

Premium Services include all features within Foundation Services. A Client Services Manager (CSM) will also be assigned as a dedicated advisor to the client. The CSM will meet with the client quarterly (minimum) to report service and performance trends, discuss the client’s short and long-term objectives, and provide technology and project direction as necessary.

Additionally, Premium Services include the following:

  • Patch Management– Scheduled application of system software updates*
  • Backup Management– Scheduled on-premises backups of system configurations*
  • Incident Management– Remediation of unexpected service impacting events
  • Change Management– Controlled changes to IT assets requested by authorized users
  • Problem Management– Root-cause-analysis, documentation, and remediation of reoccurring events causing service loss or degradation

* Encore will manage patching and backups using CLIENT’s existing patching/backup systems

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services builds on both Foundation and Premium Services features. While the lower Tiers of Service may be chosen for individual devices, Comprehensive Services includes all devices within a Technology Stack (i.e. all network components, or all storage components etc.). A Client Services Manager (CSM) will be assigned as a dedicated advisor to the client. The CSM will meet with the client quarterly (minimum) to report service and performance trends, discuss the client’s short and long-term objectives, and provide technology and project direction as necessary. A Technical Lead will also be assigned. The Technical Lead will work with the CSM to provide technical direction as it pertains to business objectives, will lead new technology projects, and act as technical advisor during quarterly business reviews. In addition to the services included with Foundation and Premium, Comprehensive Services includes the following:

  • Continuity Management– Analysis, recommendation, and configuration adjustments to maximize asset uptime and maintain consistent operational functionality
  • Performance Management– Analysis, recommendation, and configuration adjustments to maximize asset efficiency and maintain expected performance
  • Capacity Management– Trend analysis, reporting, and configuration to maintain acceptable levels of capacity and accurately predict capacity depletion
Additional Managed Services – Advanced Email Archiving

The Encore Cloud Archive Service is an adaptable solution that supports a wide variety of email platforms, including Office 365, Microsoft Exchange (and Hybrid), Google Apps / Gmail, IBM email platforms (cloud and on premises) and many others.

Encore Cloud Archive leverages many AWS world class services, including S3 Storage, providing 99.99% uptime and more than 99.99999% data durability and availability.

Encore Cloud Archive helps you comply with data-retention regulations that apply to many Education and Public Sector Entities as well as Private, Healthcare, Financial and other government entities.

The Encore Cloud View Insights illuminates data in email discussions and attachments and makes it actionable, proactively providing insights that have never been available before now. View Insights identifies trends before they become problems. With a thoughtful design and intuitive user interface, View makes analytics approachable and easy to understand for a business of any size.

Rapid Deployment

  • No additional infrastructure
  • No lengthy service engagements
  • No system downtime
  • Hands-free installation

Peace of Mind

  • Secure, compliant storage
  • Authenticated user access
  • Audit trail
  • Role-based permissions


  • No search limitations
  • No search timeouts
  • Unlimited concurrent searches

Preserve every inbound and outbound email and file attachment in the secure and dynamically scalable archive.


  • Cisco Premier Certified Partner
  • Cisco Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization
  • Aerohive/Extreme Gold Partner
  • Juniper Networks/Mist AI Select Partner
  • Ruckus Elite Partner
  • Datto Partner
  • SonicWall Partner
  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)

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