Encore’s Approach, Culture & Hiking

Todd Newnam, CEO, shares a hiking analogy to Encore’s culture and approach to business.


That’s a really interesting question and one I’ve never actually gotten before, but I would say it is, I’m a hiker and a backpacker. And I would say that there’s a lot of attributes to that to that hobby that are directly applicable to business. First of all, you have to have a desire and a goal to go see something and do something that’s either scenic or panoramic or just really interesting to have done. Secondly, which is directly applicable to business about where do we want to go, and how do we want to get there. And then there’s a series of planning elements to it you know: where we’re going to go, how are we going to get there, what time are we going to leave, what time are we getting back, what are we going to eat, what’s the weather, etc. You have to plan and be ready for it. And then I think business is directly applicable to exactly what a backpacking experience is, that when you get out there something always goes wrong not according to plan. You’ll get a massive thunderstorm. Turns out your gas stove won’t light. Your tent pole breaks. Something goes wrong with getting a bee sting and so what you have to do is to learn to be prepared, to overcome and to still enjoy and realize that there will be trials and tribulations as one walks along, but at the end of the day you make it to that scenic view and achieving your goal despite the bumps and pitfalls and be ready to react to those that are directly applicable to business.