Individualized Learning and IT Automation

David Carter, Director of SW Development, gives a brief overview of Encore’s individualized learning and IT automation.


What’s neat about what we do and Encore is that we can provide for school districts a full service a full circle of I.T. solutions, not just in the classroom but throughout the data center, throughout district administration as well as software solutions that we provide directly for school divisions. Really from just a technology perspective in general, there are two big things happening in education specifically. The first one is a real push towards individualized learning. And it’s important because the idea of individualized learning has been around forever. I mean many of us have been able to go on our own you know on our own paths to learn the things that make our professions unique. However, the ability to provide that kind of service inside of a classroom has been very difficult up until the technology has developed far enough to allow us to actually support that within the classroom. So individualized learning and creating classroom environments that support individualized learning have now been able to be developed to the point where it’s practical to actually implement within schools. So it’s really the first thing. Then the other side of this too is really automation. So you’re seeing throughout not just in I.T. but throughout many aspects of the way that we manage school divisions automation coming to everything from knowing when a light needs to be replaced inside of a classroom to making sure that we use the right kind of power within and within a district or making sure that we provide access to the right resources at the right time. So all of that automation ideology is now being brought to bear inside of education.

And I do see the next five years to be an interesting road ahead for supporting the ability to automate for all intents and purposes been most of the things that we often thought of as human tasks.