Encore – Trusted Client Advisor

Thomas Schwab, President – Encore Technology Solutions and Services, explains how the Encore team leverages 29 years of industry experience and knowledge to create custom, best-fit solutions for both educational and business organizations, establishing our role as a trusted advisor to all our clients.


The New Direction for Encore
Michael contacted me and said, “You know, we have a very rich history in the public sector. A lot of K-12 experience, a lot of professional services, and a lot of technical services that go along with that as well.” Michael expressed to me the desire to expand on that, in the public space, as well as to take us into a commercial space.

How we’re moving in that direction

I would say multiple fronts. We’re absolutely focused on advancing our partnerships and alliances. Our primary partnerships are very key to our success. So making sure that we are aligned with our key technical partnerships as well as expanding what we do for our existing clientele. In the K-12 space, we’ve been providing very good services for them for many years, but we’re looking to provide more consultative type services in the K-12 arena, as well as into a new arena for us—the corporate space. We’ve done some of that work in our history, but we’re really expanding that as we move forward.

Starting with consulting services, assessments, those types of things. As well as then beginning to help act as a trusted advisor to our clients, which is a very big deal for us as we begin to expand. Our primary growth area, I would say, in 2017 and beyond, is managed services. Managed services is going to be a situation where we are able to support our clients from beginning to end. Not only will we be able to design solutions for them, sell them products that are relevant, implement that product and those solutions, but also support them on an ongoing basis 24/7 and 365 days per year.