Encore’s Customer-Centric Focus

Michael Knight, President/CTO, explains what Customer Centric means at Encore and how the Encore team uses that to build customer relationships.


I think the difference between being a call center as many organizations are and being customer centric is that we actually have individuals in the field to go meet with them. We have inside sales individuals like Megan sitting to my right who responds to needs of all throughout the day for them. And I think that what Megan does a great job of is responding to what they need as well as to ask them additional questions for them. So rather than just calling and browbeating them with specific types of technologies that we may want to push that given day, we really take it to the point where we know what they want to do in their environment and we layer in teams whether it’s Megan or her outside sales rep Danielle, or a number of our subject matter experts or pre-sales and solutions consultants. We really have staffed the team together that is able to address a lot of the customer’s needs, but more importantly provide them with the end solution as opposed to just providing them with what we think they need.

What I would say is with customer relationships and trust, that doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen by bringing new people in every day and introducing somebody new and cycling people through the account. We’ve been very fortunate to have a number of people that really believed in what Encore was doing, which is again is about customer relationships and trust. We have people like Pam Dodd that have been here for I believe it’s over 15 years and other types of individuals that have really adopted what Encore is and that’s really helped us to maintain those relationships. When difficult problems arise, if you were only somebody that dealt with a customer for a couple of weeks they’re not as affable to be able to work through that with you whereas if you’ve dealt with somebody for almost two decades that’s a very different story. So we’ve really built a very diverse group of people here. I think the key is that we are continuing to add we are continuing to grow, but we do have some people that have been here for a good bit of time that are very valuable to us so we look forward to dealing with those customers and our employees for their long term.



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