Physical Security

Physical Security

No organization is exempt from threats against the well-being of its people anymore.


We implement security and safety measures that protect your facilities, your people, and your data through secure controlled access.


Security video capture and playback is now as good as the best entertainment video. HD IP video streaming and DVRs with anytime-anywhere command and control of video playback increases usability of live and recorded video streams.

Be prepared

Bad things happen. Be prepared to respond in the fastest and most appropriate way to any threat against physical security.


Structured Cabling
When is a cable not just a cable? When it’s the conduit for data transport throughout an organization. When it’s the bridge between data and the people who need to access it from anywhere at any time. When it’s supporting enterprise communication channels and the exchange of ideas. When it’s responsible for unifying communications, transmitting security video, ensuring mobility … and, ultimately, driving all data, network and employee connectivity.

A variety of cables and wires – oftentimes hundreds or thousands of them – serve as network infrastructure veins, and they are tasked with an important job. Therefore, it’s vital that cabling be installed by an expert technician.

Serious Cabling Drives Serious Connectivity
Cables and wires play an important role in network connectivity, which is why ETG provides expert cabling installation and support for all your cabling and connectivity needs… which includes a variety of different types of cabling, including CAT-5, CAT-6 and Ethernet as well as fiber, copper, millimeter microwave, wireless bridging, and other types of cables and wires. ETG is committed to designing, developing and deploying reliable structured cabling solutions that support your infrastructure’s data, video and telephony connectivity.

Structured Cabling is Part Science, Part Art
Beyond the science of knowing which cable to use for which purpose, structured cabling is also the art of hiding cables and wires, putting them out of the way of end users while making them accessible to IT teams. It’s the art of color-coding cables for manageability. It’s the art of creating blueprints and drawings that can be found in the cabling documentation provided to customers. It is essentially both the science and the art of cable design and installation.

Certified For Cabling Correctly
ETG takes great pride in our cabling certifications, expertise and references. We continually invest in education and industry certifications to ensure that our cabling technicians have the latest knowledge of industry best practices and cabling standards. For example, BICSI RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) is one certification held by multiple team members at the company. Those awarded the RCDD designation have demonstrated their knowledge in the design, implementation and integration of IT systems and related infrastructure, including cabling fluency. Many of our team members are also active in the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and participate in continuing education and certification programs.