enterprise Networking

In today’s world, Enterprise Networking is needed more than ever given that employees are able to work anywhere, at any time and on a multitude of devices. Yesterday’s static networks simply cannot keep up with the anytime interactivity and anywhere mobility of this new workforce. Most cannot be scaled fast enough to handle ever-rising data volumes. Business has changed and so too must IT networks. Networks must essentially be as borderless as the people who rely on them every day.

Proactive IT Infrastructure
Rather than play catch-up with your IT infrastructure or investing in “extras” you may not need for years, ETG builds your network from the ground up to rapidly and reliably scale in a manner that outpaces your growth trajectory without overcompensating for it.

Business Continuity
When you operate a great network, few users notice how truly great it is. Instead, they do notice when the network is down, when bandwidth is tapped, when storage space is gone, when they have a virus, when they lose data, when disaster strikes … they notice when things go wrong. You cannot afford to lose time or productivity because things go wrong, so ETG builds an infrastructure that will safeguard your business continuity through redundancy, security tools, malware prevention, backup schedules, disaster recovery measures and more – all of which will drive network stability, dependency, uptime, and ultimately, quiet, happy and productive users.