State/Local Government

At all levels, government agencies are operating in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, and very often trying to do more with less. Federal, state and local agencies are facing expanding funding constraints and increased pressure to evolve their technology and security infrastructure from legacy systems.  

At Encore, our approach to serving our public sector partners is rooted in delivering flexible, integrated solutions that help agencies make the most of their budget and complement in-house resources, including:

Keeping Police Departments Connected

Encore also supports police departments by providing holistic technology solutions including optimizing mobile access to resources as well as solutions for managing the dramatic increase in video in today’s law enforcement environment.

A Total Solution for a Complex Environment

At Encore, we understand the complexities of the contract and procurement process, and are proud to be an approved vendor and reseller for a wide variety of state contracts. Our integrated security and technology services save time and money, while delivering a single source of responsibility you can trust. We believe in being a proactive partner and encourage you to reach out to learn more about how Encore is driving value for government partners.

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Enabling education technology by delivering access, security and automation in an integrated platform.

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