Author: David Carter

Founded in 2015, Entrack is a professional learning and evaluation management suite, with a fully featured professional learning system and a highly configurable evaluation management suite that facilitates educator assessments. The software platform powers core evaluation processes, classroom observations, and teacher efficiency metrics in a tightly integrated system. Our platform streamlines the professional learning and evaluation process, removing the headache for administrators and teachers alike.

Entrack has been designed and constructed with flexibility, usability, and high-level data visualization as the guiding principles of its architecture. The learning system currently includes the core services listed below.

Entrack’s professional learning management system (2.0) incorporates the following modules:

  • Automated transcript tracking
  • Course & section creation
  • User registration
  • Printable sign-in sheets
  • Document uploads
  • Course surveys
  • Recurring sections
  • Fully customizable email notifications to users & administrators

Entrack’s evaluation modules can be configured to meet any business practices, specializing in the following:

  • Classroom observations
  • Student learning objectives
  • Goal-based evaluations
  • Standard performance evaluations
  • Certified teacher induction-year evaluations
  • Employee mentoring

Entrack’s enterprise reporting contains data visualizations for each module of the platform, fully customizable to suit individual local requirements.

  • Institution-wide reporting provides a high-level overview, with drill-down capabilities.
  • Administrators can inspect evaluation processes to the individual educator level, allowing them to reward high performers and apply corrective action when appropriate.
  • Each dashboard includes customizable Excel spreadsheet reporting, providing administrators the exact data they need.