Michael Waldrep may not have been born in South Carolina, as anyone who’s heard his voice can tell by his lack of a southern accent, but he has happily called the state his home for sixteen years. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Michael and his wife Christina decided to move to her home state to be closer to her family. Together they have five children that keep their lives pretty busy.

“How did I get into I.T.? It was an accident really. I was working as a trainer and supervisor for a call center back in California. The location I worked in was a remote site and had no I.T. staff, so when something needed to be done, the I.T. manager in the Iowa office would ask me to help out. That is where I caught the bug and decided to change my career path.”

That lead Michael to attend ECPI where he earned a Computer Science degree in Networks and Network Security, graduating with all A’s and one B. “It should have been all A’s, but as the instructor said many times ‘No networking student will ever get an A in a programming class’. To be honest, I probably would have gotten the A if I hadn’t accidentally created a virus that shutdown several classroom computers.”

After school, Michael worked as an IT manager for a printing company and a server administrator for a manufacturing plant before joining Encore.

Outside of the support center where Michael spends his days assisting our wonderful customers, he is a man of many interests, most of which support his children’s activities. Michael coached youth soccer, training his oldest daughter Brittany through high school. She and several other players he mentored went on to play at the college level.

One hobby that is all his own however, is writing. Michael has been a writer for many years, though he hasn’t shared much of his writing until the last six years or so. His stories have been featured on several podcasts over the years including Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and the No Sleep Podcast. Michael hopes to eventually publish a book of short horror stories.

Michael and Christina’s two youngest children are actors, leading theatre to become a family hobby. Michael himself has acted in several plays as well as assisted as a lighting technician.

Michael’s current obsession is film-making. “There is nothing quite like taking a story you have written and seeing it come to life on the big screen.” Michael and his family have written and filmed several short pieces that have been finalists in film festivals.

No matter what he does, Michael puts his heart into it. Whether that’s rebuilding a corrupted operating system on a server or playing Uncle Scrooge’s nephew, you can be sure he will do everything he can to do a great job.