About the E-Rate Program

The Schools and Libraries Program, commonly known as the E-rate Program, is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It was enacted as part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and is rooted in the premise that advanced telecommunications and Internet access should be available – at affordable rates – to our nation’s public K-12 schools and community libraries.

Program Advocacy and Action

Over the years, we have developed unique competencies, proven procedures and strong partner relationships that help organizations rethink technology and leverage it as a way to access and manage data, engage stakeholders, and measure results. We provide comprehensive solutions for IT networks, hardware and software virtualization, structured cabling, interactive classrooms, unified communications, physical security, managed and cloud-based services, and much more.

As a result of our advocacy and action, we’ve received over $375 million in E-rate contract awards since 1999, the program’s initial funding year, while operating as CSI Technology Outfitters (prior to becoming Encore Technology Group in February 2013.) E-rate remains an important part of our business at Encore – and a pivotal source of funding for our clients today. As such, we take program compliance seriously. We continue to invest tremendous resources to meet the E-rate Program’s strict compliance requirements, and in the progression of our solutions portfolio to meet clients’ unique needs. Our dedicated federal programs manager oversees the evolution of the E-rate Program and ensures our continued advocacy and investment in it.

What does all this mean for you? It means we know this program inside and out, and we’re capable of guiding you through it. We maintain the highest level of E-rate knowledge and integrity. We have one of the most experienced and competent teams around. Our employees are focused on understanding the E-rate Program and its evolvement throughout the past and into the future. And we have a track record to prove it, one that very few solution providers can match.

Why This Program Works

We remain 100% committed to the E-rate Program because we’ve seen its results in our work with K-12 schools – over 40,000 classrooms and counting. All students, even the youngest ones, can benefit from connectivity and modern learning technologies. Access to the Internet and other advanced telecommunications tools and information resources in the classroom hold the power to advance education, while cultivating enthusiasm and passion for learning. Unfortunately, though most K-12 schools want to give their students these tools, the costs can be great, and budget constraints often limit their procurement, installation and maintenance. Fortunately, the E-rate Program lowers the barrier to entry for K-12s and eases the strain on shrinking budgets.

Encore’s E-rate Solutions

Encore is an approved E-rate Service Provider, and our services have been assigned a unique Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) for the Funding Priority 1 and Priority 2 services we provide to E-rate Program applicants. Our solutions include telecommunications and Internet access, the hardware needed for assembling local networks, and installation and maintenance of related systems and machines – as well as many other complementary IT products and services.

  • Priority 1 – SPIN 143037077
  • Priority 2 – SPIN 143037152

The Funding Process

As with any government program, the key to success is to fully understand the process, complete each step thoroughly and accurately, and stay apprised of all program changes. With the E-rate Program, this can be a tall order, and applicants can easily become overwhelmed by the tedious steps and myriad of paperwork involved in obtaining funding. We can simplify this process for you; within the guidelines of the program. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.