Cloud Access

Encore’s CloudAccess
Secure & Affordable Cloud Computing

Encore operates and maintains a powerful, secure cloud computing solution with redundant US data centers. Encore’s solution:

  • Eliminates the capital expense to support business systems in-house.
  • Removes the distraction of resources from core business goal.
  • Reduces the concern of viruses and malware; it becomes Encore’s problem to solve.
  • Captures the economies of scale for tech investments while increasing performance.
  • Improves Disaster Recovery and compliance data archival.
  • Extends Microsoft Active Directory access to Office 365 and ADFS business apps
  • Supports a private-cloud enterprise IaaS strategy to attain maximum value
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model that delivering consistent investment returns.

Encore’s CloudAccess Always-Available Authentication for Microsoft Active Directory
Encore has earned the highest designation, ‘Gold Partner’, in Microsoft’s business alliance program. Through our partnership, CloudAccess is recommended as an authentication solution for Office 365 and other Active Directory clients. Instead of an internally-hosted and supported failover system, CloudAccess is part of a failover business continuity strategy that ensures secure employee email, while network access is maintained.

Encore’s CloudAccess for Application Hosting and Data Storage
Encore offers high-availability hosting services to support ‘software-as-a-solution’ business applications, whether created or recommended by Encore as part of an overall solution. With Encore, clients focus on their company’s core business and are assured that critical business systems are always available at any scale, secure from any threat, and maintained cost effectively.

Encore provides:

  • System Availability
  • System Performance
  • Security and Malware Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Data Archive


Proactive System Maintenance
Encore executes an IaaS technology lifecycle support strategy for its outsourced cloud computing service model including hosted client solutions that recognizes ongoing needs for service and support, as well as, hardware and software upgrades and migrations. Encore proactively executes maintenance adhering to the industry’s best practices.

Encore’s Professional Design & Implementation Services

System Design
Encore designs cloud computing solutions to support diverse business requirements. Based on a thorough needs analysis of one’s organization, Encore’s system architects design a solution that attain the defined goals, deliver maximum value, and plan for the future.

Encore’s implementation methodology enables a seamless transition to the new solution. Issues surrounding accessibility, security, availability/business continuity, customization, scalability, systems and user support, and administration are all addressed in our optimized delivery process

Migration and Integration
Transition to Encore CloudAcess requires the migration of existing databases, content, and user accounts. For custom solutions, integration of third party software including proprietary Encore applications can be developed and implemented.