Author: Michael Knight

Encore’s successful Cisco Partnership spans almost 2 decades. In the early 2000’s, when ERate first launched, Encore (then CSI) seized the opportunity to help school districts connect to the Internet and leverage ERate funding. What started with network switches, soon became wireless access points, firewalls, voice servers, video servers, and more.

Cisco provides Encore with a reliable, cost-effective Networking Line Card that allows us to sell solutions, at scale, within our customer base.  Cisco’s acquisition of companies like Meraki, HyperFlex, Broadsoft, and Sourcefire allow Encore to serve any customer need or procurement requirement. Their financing arm, Cisco Capital, enables these solutions at a reduced customer cost.

Forward-thinking Cisco is in the process of repatriating ~$67B in funds to the United States. This ‘America first’ initiative brings with it an influx of cash will enable Cisco to repurchase Cisco Stock Shares and increase their value. The ~$67B move will also allow Cisco to acquire other strategic solution providers and continue being very competitive in the reselling and cloud markets.

For these reasons and many more, Cisco is one of Encore’s lead partners and closest allies.