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Encore Technology Group offers a comprehensive and diverse portfolio of technology solutions for educational institutions, government agencies and commercial enterprises. We have the technology and expertise to be your one-stop shop for IT solutions; however, ETG provides numerous options, as one size does not fit all.

Borderless Networks

“Anyone, anywhere, anytime and on any device” is imperative in today’s on-the-go marketplace for conducting business and connecting to your network.

Interactive Technology

Real-time collaboration is expected these days. Our whiteboards, tablets, video, 3D cameras and other tools create an environment that accelerates and deepens the learning.

Data Center and Enterprise Systems

Whether in a server room or in the cloud, our portfolio of systems securely backs up your data. This includes products and services related to data center design, installation and maintenance.

Physical Security & Infrastructure

The most effective and reliable physical security systems are tightly woven into IT infrastructures. We’ll fully integrate the solution into your infrastructure, all the way down to the cabling.

Identity Management & Single Signon

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Unified Communications & Collaboration

Our solution converges all of the communications and collaboration channels used throughout your entire organization into a single IT platform that’s flexible, intuitive and easy to manage.

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